Xylem Lowara Spare Parts

Lowara Basic Repair Kits restore the optimal performance of your pump by providing all the Genuine Lowara Parts you need for basic service at a lower cost than when purchasing the parts separately.

Having all the parts in one box saves time and simplifies handling. Basic repair kits include a set of O-rings that are made to exacting tolerances.

The O-rings can also be bought separately in O-ring kits.

Basic Repair Kits

Lowara Basic Repair Kits are available for all Lowara pump models and include the mechanical seal(s), bearings and O-rings needed to overhaul a Lowara pump's drive unit.

Each Basic Repair Kit has a single part number and all parts included are delivered in one, single package. Each Basic Repair Kit includes a kit of Lowara O-rings made to exacting tolerances to assure that your pump delivers optimal performance. Made of nitrile or fluorinated rubber the Lowara O-rings are specified to seal effectively at both high and low temperatures. Mounting instructions are included with each kit to secure proper mounting.

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