Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

The health, safety, mental health and welfare of employees is of prime importance to the Company and is considered essential to the efficient operation of its undertaking.

The responsibility for safety at work rests upon all members of staff, and the Company will ensure that this policy is pursued vigorously throughout the organisation. The Company will take all reasonably practicable precautions to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and all others affected by the Company’s activities.

The Directors recognise that successful management of Health and Safety including Mental Health, is an important business objective which contributes to the overall performance of the Company by reducing unnecessary losses and liabilities and considers it to be an ‘equal partner’ along with production, environment and quality.

The Directors are therefore committed to:

  • the principle that legal requirements define the minimum level of acceptable performance;
  • pursue progressive improvements in Health and Safety performance;
  • ensure that adequate physical and financial resources are made available for the successful management of health and safety;
  • ensure that work place hazards are assessed and suitable control measures developed and implemented;
  • the principle that the responsibility for controlling risks which could lead to injury, ill heath, or loss, lies with management and supervisory staff;
  • ensure that all employees are competent for the duties they are required to undertake and are given adequate, suitable and sufficient training;
  • provide to all managers competent Health and Safety advice;
  • provide and ensure that all plant and equipment owned, used or hired by the Company is safe to use and properly maintained.

The Company expects employees to conform to this policy and to comply with the relevant sections of the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974, and to exercise all reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

The Directors recognise that the employees of the Company can make a valuable contribution to the development and implementation of the Health and Safety Policy. Employees are therefore consulted, where possible, or through their representative on the Safety Committee, with regard to the Policy. Feedback from employees with regard to the management of health and safety is encouraged through their safety representative and the Directors will positively view all relevant comments when reviewing the Health and Safety Policy.

To ensure the Company Health and Safety Policy and the way in which it is operated is kept up to date; it will be reviewed annually or where necessary due to changes in the Company activities or Legislation.

The overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of the Company and its personnel is vested in the Group Managing Director.

The Company will give full backing to the policy and to the SHE Coordinator, whose function it shall be to monitor and operate the policy, and will support all those who endeavour to carry it out.

Date: 1st September 2022