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    FG Wilson air filters are designed to balance three important characteristics: maximum efficiency, minimum initial restriction and economy of use. The most important part of the air filter is the filter material. FG Wilson air filtration products ensure maximum strength and minimal restriction due to the high quality of their filter material.

    This material uses a special embossing process, which creates an integrated crease spacing. The stability and the separation capacity are thus improved in order to prevent the folds from contracting against one another under the effect of the incoming air. The air filter structure and robust radial seal are made of a urethane compound designed to provide exceptional balance between durability, efficiency and filter capacity, making maintenance easier and more economical.

  • Product Specifications
    Manufacturer FG Wilson
    Part No. 901-054
    Service Interval 500 hrs
    1-10 (Qty) POA
    11-50 (Qty) POA
    50+ (Qty) POA
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