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  • Stock Number: 10000-51231

  • Product Description

    FG Wilson high efficiency Fuel filters are robust enough to withstand the toughest operating conditions. Our separator filter, which combines performance improvements with high-quality filter material and sturdy construction, is the best choice for protecting you FG Wilson generator set fuel systems.

    Fuel Filter features a high-efficiency filter material that is designed to increase the performance of contaminant separation, dirt holding capacity and separation efficiency. Because of this improved efficiency, fewer harmful contaminants pass through the filter to reach sensitive fuel injection components, which extends service life and enhances the performance of the fuel system.

  • Product Specifications
    Manufacturer FG Wilson
    Part No. 10000-51231
    Service Interval 400 hrs
    1-10 (Qty) POA
    11-50 (Qty) POA
    50+ (Qty) POA
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